Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America
Books , Kindle Edition / August 31, 2018

Seth Abramson has tracked every one of these far-flung reports and now in, Proof of Collusion, he finally gives us a record of the unthinkable—a president compromising American foreign policy in exchange for the promise of future business and covert election assistance. The attorney, professor, and the former criminal investigator has used his exacting legal mind and forensic acumen to compile, organize, and analyze every piece of the Trump-Russia story. His conclusion is clear: the case for collusion is staring us in the face. Drawing from American and European news outlets, he takes readers through the Trump-Russia scandal chronologically, putting the developments in context and showing how they connect. His extraordinary march through all the public evidence includes:

Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm
Kindle Edition / August 22, 2018

After having spent years working on the manuscript, George Orwell struggled to find a publisher for Animal Farm. An anti-Soviet satire was not welcome at a time when the West needed Stalin to fight Hitler, and leading intellectuals still believed in the promise of the Russian Revolution. Orwell managed to publish his “fairy tale” in 1945 at a small press for £100. Six months later, a copy ended up in the hands of Ihor Ševčenko, a Ukrainian refugee who recognized its profound meaning.

AM I A Baby Trump Baby Party Balloon
Protest Items / August 16, 2018

The tяump Baby Ballon
You know you want it.
Height 25.2 Inches, Width 22.9 Inches, About 1/9 of the standard Size, Material Non-toxic AL Film.
Package includes: 1Pcs Trump Balloon(NOT INFLATED),1x5m(196inches) Balloon Ribbon.1X Trump Serie Badges Gift(Trial),1XBrand Packaging Bag
Note: filling it with regular air won’t make it float. You would need Helium gas to make it float.

I Will Donate Organs to RBG T-shirt
Protest Items , Wearables / August 15, 2018

Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat
I will donate organs to RBG t-shirt
I will donate organs to Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirt
Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

Donald Trump Toilet Paper 3 Pack ASSORTED DESIGNS-Dump Trump
Pet Supplies , Protest Items / August 13, 2018

Take A Dump With Donald Trump! This toilet paper Trumps all the rest. The Donald. Love him? Hate him? Either way… you’ll love this Donald Trump Funny Toilet Paper. Trump’s face on EVERY sheet! Super Absorbent! The Donald’s puckering mug is shown on EVERY sheet and won’t smear or smudge. Each roll is shrink wrapped (new and unopened). We can tell “You’re Fired” up about this toilet paper so stock up before you get short-sheeted. The reactions are PRICELESS (or slightly close to four billion dollars’ worth*). * per sheet Remember, Election Day may come and pass but you’ll always need to wipe your a$$! We also sell Hillary Clinton toilet paper and Obama Toilet Paper in many versions. Including our Obama LAST DAY toilet paper and our newest Toilet Paper HILL- BILLY Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton together on one roll. NOT AGAIN! Trump is such a big mouth that this toilet paper is perfect. We Know You Want To Dump On Trump! Here’s To You Mr. Donald T. Rump! A fantastic gag gift and joke. Great for birthday gifts, secret Santa, grab bags. Its all about the fake news!!

An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy in an Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics
Books , Kindle Edition / August 12, 2018

In An Uncivil War, Greg Sargent sounds an urgent alarm about the deeper roots of our democratic backsliding—and how we can begin to turn things around. Drawing upon years of research and reporting, he exposes the unparalleled sophistication and ambition of GOP tactics, including computer-generated gerrymandering, underhanded voter suppression, and ever-escalating legislative hardball. We are also plagued by other brutal, seemingly intractable problems such as dismal turnout and powerful, built-in temptations to tilt the political playing field with unscrupulous partisan trickery. All of this has been accompanied by foreign-government intervention and an unprecedented level of political disinformation that threatens to undermine the very possibility of shared agreement on facts and poses profound new challenges to the media’s ability to inform the citizenry. Yet the Republican Party is only part of the problem. As Sargent provocatively reveals, Democrats share culpability for helping to accelerate this slide.

Metro Paws Smear Campaign REPOOPLICAN Trump Pet Waste Bags
Pet Supplies / August 12, 2018

4 rolls of 20 Trump Poop Bags – 25% More Trump Dog Waste bags – As Seen on Seth Meyers Late Show, Huffington Post, Modern Family, & Jimmy Fallon! – Epi and D2w additive making these Trump poop bags degradable – 80 Total Trump Dog Waste Bags fit all standard holders – Limited Edition Box and Keepsafe – The Original Smear Campaign Political Poop Bags

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy
Books , Kindle Edition / August 11, 2018

In her New York Times bestseller White Rage, Carol Anderson laid bare an insidious history of policies that have systematically impeded black progress in America, from 1865 to our combustible present. With One Person, No Vote, she chronicles a related history: the rollbacks to African American participation in the vote since the 2013 Supreme Court decision that eviscerated the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Known as the Shelby ruling, this decision effectively allowed districts with a demonstrated history of racial discrimination to change voting requirements without approval from the Department of Justice.

Presidents of War
Books , Kindle Edition / August 9, 2018

Ten years in the research and writing, Presidents of War is a fresh, magisterial, intimate look at a procession of American leaders as they took the nation into conflict and mobilized their country for victory. It brings us into the room as they make the most difficult decisions that face any President, at times sending hundreds of thousands of American men and women to their deaths.

House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia
Books , Kindle Edition / August 4, 2018

House of Trump, House of Putin offers the first comprehensive investigation into the decades-long relationship between Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Mafia that ultimately helped win Trump the White House. 

It is a chilling story that begins in the 1970s, when Trump made his first splash in the booming, money-drenched world of New York real estate, and ends with Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States. That moment was the culmination of Vladimir Putin’s long mission to undermine Western democracy, a mission that he and his hand-selected group of oligarchs and Mafia kingpins had ensnared Trump in, starting more than twenty years ago with the massive bailout of a string of sensational Trump hotel and casino failures in Atlantic City. This book confirms the most incredible American paranoias about Russian malevolence.

The Last Palace: Europe’s Turbulent Century in Five Lives and One Legendary House
Books , Kindle Edition / August 4, 2018

A sweeping yet intimate narrative about the last hundred years of turbulent European history, as seen through one of Mitteleuropa’s greatest houses—and the lives of its occupants
When Norman Eisen moved into the US ambassador’s residence in Prague, returning to the land his mother had fled after the Holocaust, he was startled to discover swastikas hidden beneath the furniture in his new home. These symbols of Nazi Germany were remnants of the residence’s forgotten history, and evidence that we never live far from the past.

How to Get Rid of a President: History’s Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives
Books , Kindle Edition / August 3, 2018

To limit executive power, the Founding Fathers created fixed presidential terms of four years, giving voters regular opportunities to remove their leaders. Even so, Americans have often resorted to more dramatic paths to disempower the chief executive. The American presidency has seen it all, from rejecting a sitting president’s renomination bid and undermining their authority in office to the more drastic methods of impeachment, and, most brutal of all, assassination.